"On the twentieth anniversary of the World Trade Center attack comes an unflinching novel that explores the tragedy’s aftermath. Forney takes us into the heart and mind of a widow whose husband jumped from a tower to escape the fires. Her life abruptly broken, Erin journeys through hell and back in this fictional account of a loved one left behind. An elegantly written tale that engages a gamut of emotions, this is a powerful debut by a gifted writer."
—CHRIS CANDER, USA Today best-selling author of The Weight of a Piano
"Surprising, poignant, hopeful and heartbreakingly honest in the best ways, Paper Airplanes is achingly hard to put down. Tabitha Forney is a literary force."
—CARRIE JONES, New York Times and internationally bestselling author of the Need series
"This haunting novel captivated me from the beginning. Forney pulled me in with her gorgeous prose and a heroine who made my heart ache. I rarely cry when I read, but Paper Airplanes had me sobbing. This is the kind of book that comes around only once in a lifetime."
—LAURA HEFFERNAN, internationally best-selling author of Finding Tranquility and Anna’s Guide to Getting Even
"The world changed irreparably in 2001, but most of us knew the events only from a distance. Forney takes us into the searing rupture of that day—and the unstable life that followed—with fortitude and insight, grace and eloquence, reckoning and ultimately peace. A tour de force."
—DAVID EAGLEMAN, author of Sum and Livewired
"With depth and empathy, Tabitha Forney navigates the emotional wreckage left by tragedy, exploring questions of fate, self-destruction and ultimately hope. Paper Airplanes is a lovely and moving novel."
—MARK HABER, author of Reinhardt’s Garden
"As the Twin Towers fall on September 11th, Erin struggles through a world she neither recognizes nor understands. She begins a journey to find her missing husband and comes to realize that she has lost not only him, but herself. This is a compelling story of destruction and death and the slow process of self-discovery and redemption. It is a beautifully written debut novel that has the courage to face the worst nightmare imaginable, the loss of a great love."
—K. BLANTON BRENNER, author of Appaloosa Sky
"A gifted blending pulling from fact, personal connections, and fiction to bring a heart-touching story connected to 9/11, an infamous event in America's history that continues to resonate from the national level down to families and individuals."
—JOHN BUSBEE, host and producer of The Culture Buzz
"Where all the worst pain and suffering in this lifetime meets in a beautiful love story."
—ANNIE MCDONNELL, host of The Write Review